First Trimester Series

Congratulations on your pregnancy! We know you likely aren't feeling amazing as you get this pregnancy rolling so we created a variety of self-paced workouts for all levels to safely help you reach the recommended 150 min of moderate physical activity a week and feel better. Short on time? Pop on a Tabata! No energy? Enjoy a Pilates session on the mat!

You will have a form video to make sure you know how to safely perform basic movements, 3 Interval Training, 3 Tabata, 3 Pilates and 3 yoga videos for this trimester. Plus, holistic nutrition education to better understand what's happening as your body and baby change. 


Second Trimester Series

Welcome to your Second Trimester and the Baby Bump phase! Most women start feeling better and having more energy (Woo Hoo!!)! Over the next 3 months, your body will change in more noticeable ways, so we will make slight modifications as you continue to listen to your body and choose the level and workout that's right for you! This means less time on your back and longer breaks to start.


Plus, holistic nutrition advice to help you choose the best, nutrient-dense foods for you and your growing baby.  Along with healthy living advice, tips and tricks to have you feeling your best!


Third Trimester Series

Now we grow! As we strive to hit the same recommendations of 150 min of moderate physical activity a week,  we now need to think even more about our form and the time we spend on our back. We'll walk you through the proper form for your changing body and ever-growing belly, as well as what to expect from a ventilatory and circulatory standpoint.

Includes even more holistic nutrition advice to help you get through the home stretch of your pregnancy along with some tips to help combat heartburn and even get labor going! 


Full Pregnancy Series

Interested in the full program?  This is the way to go!


What you get:

  •  40+ workouts, customized by trimester, time & type!

  •  75+ minutes of holistic nutrition and healthy living advice!


The full series includes the trimester-specific content as well as bonus stretching videos. This package also includes a bonus video to help navigate the postpartum journey AND our newest series, Bye Bye Baby Pooch! 

$169 Full Series + Bonuses

Bye Bye Baby pooch!

In this series, we will explain what causes this pooch, aka diastasis recti, how to test for it and what precautions to take if you are currently experiencing it. From there, we will teach you breathing and floor exercises so you understand how to breathe correctly, engage and relax the pelvic floor as well as the deeper abdominal muscles to heal or protect against diastasis recti. 


Full Pregnancy Series Subscription

Interested in the full program, but not ready to purchase all at once?  Now you have the option to enjoy all of our self-paced workouts and nutrition videos through a monthly subscription!!


The full series includes the trimester-specific content as well as bonus sneak peek at our new Diastasis Recti Series.


Pregnancy nutrition

Over 75min of holistic nutrition advice by trimester from Brittany, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Co-creator of Healthy Happy Pregnancy. Each trimester contains healthy living and nutrition advice to explain what's going on with your body and your growing baby plus how best to support both of you through your pregnancy and into postpartum.

$59 Full or $24.99 per Trimester