Time for a little pat on the back?

Gonna get a little personal here, but I have a feeling there are other mamas out there that need to hear this!

The past two weeks have been filled with changes in my life - husband went to Switzerland for work, Jules (now 1yo) is super attached to me and had her first bday party, Savannah (3yo) started preschool 2d/wk, I added AM trainings back in for Crush All Day biz, Grace's (6yo) teacher was out with Covid and I had some new biz ideas for HHJ that I was so excited about researching and preparing.

While these changes were exciting (most of them lol), it was all very overwhelming while being a single parent with no time to focus on ALL the THINGS! I just felt all over the place without time to process anything. Then it happened...I missed the memo for Dress like a Princess Day at preschool. Not a big deal, right? Normally, no....but not today. I actually cried when I got to the car after drop off because I felt so bad for missing something that would be so fun for Savannah. She wasn't upset, it was me. I felt horrible.

I felt like I wasn't being the mama or business partner I wanted to be. While sobbing in my car feeling like an idiot for being upset about something so small, I text my sweet friend Alicia with my sobs, knowing it was much bigger than this one event. Her response was exactly what I needed and what we all need to remember sometimes.

"You are doing great! And remember, you are remembering the important things…love, comfort, food, clothes, sleep, time together….you are doing great! ❤️"

I decided at that moment that I WAS doing so much and I needed to stop for a minute and recognize that. Not the things I wasn't getting to, but all the things I was getting to - it was a lot!! Giving myself that pat on the back and grace to make mistakes while still doing well felt so good!

I'm figuring out how to make this new routine work and how to move all of these parts while keeping my head above water - slowly. As I go, I'm taking time each day, even if just for a sec, to pat myself on the back for all the good I'm doing, too.

Here's to you, mama! Give yourself some love!!

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