Priorities - Do you have too many?

How many things are you currently juggling that you consider to be priorities? Do you have too many priorities to even juggle them? Are you considering everything to be mandatory and not making certain tasks priorities?

Let's start with: What is a priority?

- thing that is regarded or treated as more important. (Oxford dictionary)

In the book, The Four Disciplines of Execution, they explain:

With 2-3 priorities, you’ll likely achieve them all with excellence

With 4-10 priorities, you will likely achieve only 1-2 with excellence

With 10 or more priorities, you will be unlikely to achieve any with excellence

Starting with the big ones, what are your most important priorities? Health? Family time? Success at work? A clean house? Reading 50 books by summer?

Some of those may seem like small or every day things, but if we do them all well it's wayyyyyy too much and we just can't. We feel like we fail at all of them. So how do we get it all in?

We break it down. Pick your top 2 priorities - the big ones. For me, its Health and Family Time (right now, these can and will change as your season of life changes). This means when planning my week, these should be at the top of my list and the others will go lower. Now of course I can't live in filth so I need to clean the house, but I wont be cleaning it daily except around meals and I won't allow myself to stress about the mess if I don't have time for it.

I also have 2 businesses to run that I absolutely love, but they can't be first unless they are making me healthier. So the computer and administrative tasks have to get their time carved out so they don't take away from my priorities. They get their place, its just smaller than I'd like because right now I have the option to have more time with my family than I will when my kids are all in school. At that time, my priorities can shift during the school week and those businesses can grow.

It's NOT easy to stay focused - believe me, I get it! But having these priorities really helps when you feel overwhelmed to "get it all in". Someone else's house may look amazing every time I'm there and that's ok - it's a priority in their life! Another woman is killing it in the training world, but she is devoting 50hrs a week to it which I'm not willing or able to do right now. They have the same hours to work with as you do so they have to let go somewhere else that may be more important to you. Make sense?

So....what are your priorities? Do you see yourself with too many or unable to focus on anything? Do you need help narrowing these down? Share your thoughts - I promise there are so many women out here that feel the same way you do!

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