Pregnancy and Fitness - What can I do?

AFTER you consult your OB, of course! ;)

Most healthy women CAN and are ENCOURAGED to keep working out or start working out during pregnancy - why?

Even when pregnant, you can improve your cardiovascular fitness and overall health plus create healthy habits that will benefit you and your baby for the rest of your lives! So what should you do?

If you've been active, keep it up! Continuing to do your regular activities is a great way to maintain a healthy weight during your pregnancy and assist in recovery after delivery. If you haven't been active, start small with a 15 min walk or swim if you have the option. I loved being a little submarine for my baby when pregnant and floating felt so good in the third trimester! Work up to 30 min as able over several weeks. You can start light weight training, but now isn't the time to focus on building big muscles and straining! Yoga is also great to keep you flexible and relax your mind, just be careful not to overstretch as your body is already getting nice and loose on it's own thanks to relaxin increasing towards the big day.

Some activities to AVOID starting when pregnant include:

  • Any activity that might cause you to fall (road cycling, skiing, gymnastics)

  • Contact sports (soccer, basketball)

  • Scuba diving

  • Skydiving

  • Hot yoga or hot Pilates, due to the risk for overheating

Questions? Ready for a program to help you get started or keep going?! We got you, mama!

Check out our available Pregnancy Series or Chat with Us to learn more!

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