Oh, Baby - we're having a BABY! Jennie's first delivery....

I don’t know about yall, but when I was pregnant, everyone around me wanted to share their horror stories….I guess no one wants to say it was easy?

All I know is it really freaked me out at first! But I kept telling myself, "They'll get this baby out one way or another and we'll both be fine" and it really did help. I'm going to share my experiences of 3 very different deliveries - not to scare you, but instead to show you that no matter which way it goes, they'll get that baby out! ;)

Let's start with #1, shall we?

Grace was a very happy gymnast in my uterus with no real urgency to make her debut on the other side. As the big day approached, my doctor very casually informed me that she was on call that weekend (which would put us 2 days overdue) and we could just do an induction so she could deliver the baby. I wasn’t given the option to meet any of the other doctors in her practice, which really annoyed me if I'm being honest, so for my first and possibly only delivery as far as I was concerned at that time, I wanted her to be there. She seemed super chilled about it so why not, right?

We show up that Friday night to be induced with our big bag of delivery goodies - you know what I'm talking about….speaker to play relaxing music, lavender oil, a stuffy for her, etc., all of which we never even touched. Better to be prepared, though, I suppose! Then the nurse informs us that her heart rate is elevated so we may not be getting this show on the road any time soon. Eventually we get the pill and are told to get some rest….then a few hours later the fun begins. Her heart rate and my contractions were all over the place. I was given Pitocin to increase them, then another shot to bring them down; labor pains in my back and hips and after being encouraged to get an epidural we added that into the mix. Now I'm pumped with who knows what and still only at 4cm after 15hrs. Her heart rate is still too high and my doc comes in to deliver what at that time was the worst news I could think of - emergency c-section. I don’t know why, but I really just wanted to have that baby the good ol' fashion way! So I cried a little, JM consoled me of course, and off to the OR we go.

Now here is my biggest piece of advice - when they ask you if you can feel the spot they are touching on your lower abdomen and you can feel ANYTHING, go ahead and say YES! I, on the other hand, was concerned with too many drugs and said, NO. Well, when they cut you open and cauterize it, those nerves and muscle fibers sure don’t like it! I could definitely still feel that sh*% without enough numbing bliss! So make a mental note right now - TELL THEM THE TRUTH!

From there, JM got some awesome pics of my open body and the anesthesiologist hooked me up as soon as Grace was clear of blood flow. To everyone's surprise, she was perfectly fine so who knows why the high heart rate…which annoyed me a bit. I was happy she was healthy, but not so happy I had to be cut open!

After the shakes from being cut open and likely the meds, I finally chilled and knew it was all for the best and they got her out, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!

Plus mom and baby were just fine ;)

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