Move of the Moment: Standing Side Crunches

Updated: Feb 8

Looking to strengthen and tone your obliques and lower back?

Watch this clip and try this MOM with me! I like this one because you can easily lower the intensity by simply not lifting the leg as high, slowing down and doing less reps. Focus on engaging the core properly (check out more core and pelvic stabilization videos as we roll them out) to ensure you are getting the most out of the exercise and reducing the risk of injury.

Stand tall with weight on one foot and the opposite foot out the side, same arm raised overhead. Engage your core muscles and lift your knee as you lower your elbow, focusing on engaging the obliques and down the side of your back. Complete 4 then hold a few counts and repeat 5-10x, 1-3 sets as able.

Think rib to hip to really put your effort in the core and not just in the hip and shoulder. All levels welcome on this one and if balance is an issue, grab a chair to hold onto for support.

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