Move of the Moment: Squat Combo

Updated: Feb 8

Looking for a short workout you can do at home or even on vacation to give you a cardio burst while working your legs and butt?!

I love this squat set alone when short on time, while traveling or thrown in a set with upper body work. When I add the tricep set I usually pair with this exercise, I'll tag it here! :)

Start with feet under hips or wider if pregnant, sit back and lower into a squat, depth based on ability level. Jump up with arms overhead or rise to toes for low intensity. 5x

Next complete 5 standing squats, no jump.

Last, hold a low squat for 5 counts.

I like to do these 3x in a row then break and repeat 2 more times. You got it!

Adjust intensity by varying the depth, changing the jump or calf raise, or amount in each set.

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