How to assess your workouts so you know they are working for YOU!

How do you know if your workouts are effective for YOU? Or what changes you should make if you aren't seeing the progress you expected?

Sometimes we don't see huge gains in size or strength which can lead to frustration and ultimately ending a routine that was actually producing results. I find that one of the biggest benefits of doing assessments in my small group personal training sessions is showing my clients that consistency pays off. We all know we won't see gains if we don't put in the work, but sometimes we forget how much we can get done in 2-3 sessions a week!

How do you build an assessment?

When creating an assessment for yourself, think about your overall goals and build from there. I like doing exercises that can be done almost anywhere for ease, but if you are training for strength, start with 1 rep max assessments. Training for flexibility? Add Sit & Reach or Toe Touch to your assessments.

For us, we are doing a variety of strength, flexibility, power and hypertrophy at different points within each session so we need to assess for that. We do AMRAP - as many reps as possible, in 1 min to time most of them and if form fails, you're done there.

As shown here, we did:

  • Timed mile run

  • Squats in 1 min (AMRAP) using a chair to keep depth consistent, with or without weights

  • Bicep Curls, full length from thighs to top, no arching or swaying (AMRAP 1 min)

  • Full sit up using arms or more challenging to cross arms over chest (AMRAP 1min)

  • Push ups on toes or knees as able (AMRAP 1 min)

  • Plank and side plank holds, as long as possible with proper form on toes

For our pregnant ladies out there, save the assessments for post-partum, when you're fully recovered and ready to hit it again. Focus on listening to your body, doing activities you were doing prior to pregnancy or slowly starting a well-rounded routine with a certified trainer. We have tons of great workouts for you here and in our Healthy Happy Pregnancy Series! Questions? Just ask!

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