Bye Bye Baby Pooch - Sneak Peek at our Intro Video!

Is there a gap in the middle of belly or a pooch after you had your baby? Have you ever hear of diastisis recti? Do you see your abdominal muscles come up ("coning") instead of lay flat when you do a crunch?

We can help! Let's get those abs back, mama!

In this series, we will explain what this separation is, how to avoid "coning" by using your abdominal muscles correctly, how to test for diastisis recti and what precautions to take if you are currently experiencing it. From there, we will teach you breathing and floor exercises so you understand how to breath correctly, engage and relax the pelvic floor as well as the deeper abdominal muscles to heal or protect against separation.

Enjoy this introductory video (1 of 3) for FREE for a limited time! We got you!

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