Brittany's Two, Very Different, Labors - #2

Second Labor

If you read my first labor experience then you will probably understand why I decided to do almost everything opposite during my second pregnancy than my first. I also had gone back to school to get my Nutritional Therapy Practitioner certification during this pregnancy, which really solidified my knowledge and understanding on what my body and my baby truly needed. It also opened me up to a whole world of resources I didn't even know existed; which is why I want to share what I learned with all expecting mothers.

Second Labor

Brooks, my second born, was 8.7 pounds and 21 inches long. I only contribute him being smaller than my first (by no means small!) to me going into labor at 39 weeks. If he would have stayed in another three weeks, like his brother, he probably would have weighed almost 10 pounds too. This time around I literally did almost everything differently. I was working out with Jennie a couple times a week and on my own. Focusing mainly on high intensity workouts, lifting heavier weights and some yoga. I was eating much cleaner than before. So when I found out I was pregnant... I didn't change anything. I kept my workouts going through my entire pregnancy, modified and slowed down as needed. I understood the importance of listening to my body and what that really meant. And this time around I didn't have pregnancy cravings... I never craved donuts or junk food. I also didn't have any aversions to food. I could cook and eat meat and vegetables. The only craving I had was for citrus... which probably meant I needed more Vitamin C. I gained 26 pounds this time around and I was ready for labor.

I anticipated being scared because of my first experience, but I honestly wasn't. I was confident in my body and knew this was going to be different. During my third tri-mester I started going to a chiropractor who helped me a TON. That last week I did everything to get labor going (more on this in the third tri-mester video series) and it worked! I went into labor on my own and labored throughout the day, I made dinner for my family (a labor inducing dinner - more on this later!) and went to sleep that night. Well, I didn't sleep much, but I was able to rest. We were set to check into the hospital at 5 am, my midwife had put in orders for the nurse to use cervical ripening gel on me once I got there to help me dilate further. But when the nurse checked me when we got there I was already dilated to a 5! I was ecstatic!! I didn't have to use anything to help this labor progress!

Like with my first pregnancy, I did all the things in the hospital room... walking around, moving on the exercise ball, sitting in the shower, the peanut pillow. They broke my water around 9 am. At noon my nurse suggested I pump to really get thing moving. So I did 😳, boy does that ever speed things up! The problem with this is that they hook you up to the monitors (which makes perfect sense), but your labor pains increase drastically and you can't get up and move. So naturally, I started screaming for the epidural because the pain was so intense. Once I received the epidural my nurse checked me and said, 'you're at a 10, it's time to push, you didn't even need the epidural you had already made it!' Which, was frustrating because I truly didn't want it and I was mad at myself for getting it. (Don't be, that's ridiculous... there's no trophy for suffering!) However, I was able to have a relaxed, calm delivery. And I was able to have immediate skin to skin with him, let the umbilical cord stay attached until it stopped pulsating, let my husband cut the cord...all the things I wanted.

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