Welcome to your Healthy, Happy Journeys! We're a duo of a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, who are passionate about health, wellness and helping you be healthy and happy on all of life's journeys.

As moms ourselves, we found a need for trust-worthy pregnancy workout and nutrition advice all in one place.  Which lead us to create Healthy, Happy Pregnancy our first unique video series created for expecting moms.  Our approach includes holistic nutritional insight and exercises that are tailored to your growing body.


Learn the right form for basic movements and how this changes with each trimester so you are staying safe and feel empowered!

Enjoy a variety of exercises to find what fits your mood and schedule each week!

Each of our programs includes expert, holistic nutritional advice for each trimester to help you and your baby!

Gain insight into what it's like AFTER the big day in our bonus postpartum video!

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Third Trimester Series

Now we grow! As we strive to hit the same recommendations of 150 min of moderate physical activity a week,  we now need to think even more about our form and the time we spend on our backs. I'll walk you through the proper form for your changing body and ever-growing belly, as well as what to expect from a ventilatory and circulatory standpoint.

Receive nutrition advice to help you get through the home stretch of your pregnancy along with some tips to help combat heartburn and even get labor going!

Full Pregnancy Series

Interested in the full program?  This is the way to go!


What you get:

  •  40+ workouts, customized by trimester, time & type!

  •  75+ minutes of holistic nutrition and healthy living advice!


The full series includes the trimester-specific content as well as bonus stretching videos. This package also includes a bonus video to help navigate the postpartum journey. 

First Trimester Series

We know you probably aren't feeling amazing as you get this pregnancy rolling so we created a variety of workouts with levels to safely choose what you can do each day and still reach the recommended 150min of moderate physical activity a week. Little time? Pop on a Tabata! No energy? Enjoy a Pilates or Yoga session on the mat!

Get holistic nutrition advice to help you feel your best through your first trimester and to prepare you for the rest of your pregnancy even into post-partum. 

Second Trimester Series

Welcome to your Second Trimester and the Baby Bump phase! Most women start feeling better and having more energy (Woo Hoo!!)! Over the next 3 months, you will be starting to grow, so we will make slight modifications as you continue to listen to your body and choose the level and workout that's right for you! This means less time on your back and longer breaks to start.


Plus, holistic nutrition advice to help you choose the best, nutrient-dense foods for you and baby.  Along with healthy living advice, tips and tricks to have you feeling your best!


About the Founders


Jennie Monteith

ACSM Certified Physiologist

Jennie Monteith is an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist with a Master's in Clinical Exercise Physiology from the University of Georgia. With 18 years of success and experience in the fitness industry, plus 3 pregnancies of her own, her fitness plans will help you crush your goals in an encouraging environment that allows you to thrive in the process.


Brittany Garland

NTA Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Brittany Garland is an NTA-certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and a mom of 2 boys.  She specializes in gut health and pregnancy/postpartum nutrition. Her recommendations on nutrient-dense foods and lifestyle shifts are designed to help moms and their growing babies thrive through all stages of pregnancy postpartum and breastfeeding.


Jennie is the personal coach that empowers you to be your true self. She will challenge you during your workout while training you to listen to your body. You will use muscles in each workout that you never knew you had.

I always walk away from each workout feeling recharged and stronger than I did before.

-Melissa B.