Congratulations on your pregnancy!! 

Have you ever wondered what YOU can do to eat healthier and
be active during your pregnancy?

Are you looking for ways to maintain a healthy weight and to feel your best post-partum?

We feel the same way, which is why we created these programs for you!
We've put together prenatal exercises and nutrition by trimester so you
know exactly what to do to have a Healthy Happy Pregnancy! 


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Monthly Subscription

start and stop as

YOU need only $29.99 includes 40+ workouts,

75 minutes nutrition AND diastasis recti series

Healthy Meal

Pregnancy Nutrition

by Trimester

holistic nutrition tailored

to each trimester

by Brittany, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

only $59.00

Safe and effective exercises

for each trimester

How to maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy

What to eat as your body
and baby grow

How to get rid of your baby pooch after the big day 



Jennie is the personal coach that empowers you to be your true self. She will challenge you during your workout while training you to listen to your body. You will use muscles in each workout that you never knew you had.

I always walk away from each workout feeling recharged and stronger than I did before.

-Melissa B.


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